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The 'Rattan Exhibition with the Ukit/Bhuket community' showcases various layers of the community and cultural art activities conducted at the "Heritage & Cultural Art Camp" together with youths and the community in Uma Ukit, Sungai Asap Koyan, Sarawak. Both program and exhibition is organised by CANVAS ART CREATIVE and supported by MOTAC & GMBB with the purpose of highlighting and recognising the unique heritage, cultural practices, and artistic skills of the UKIT/BHUKET people.

The UKIT/BHUKET community can only be found in ONE location today in Malaysia and is proud to show their exquisite rattan works and cultural traditions in this exhibition.

'Heritage & Cultural Art Camp in Sarawak with the Ukit/Bhuket Community' and 'The Rattan Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur'


- INTRO (Bhuket people + Introduce the Cause)


- ABOUT THE COMMUNITY (Snippet > Who they are, what they represent)

*Focus more on Craftmanship

*How they came about + Why did they decide on their Crafts





lorum ipsum

*Focus more on Craftmanship

*How they came about + Why did they decide on their Crafts

Click on the photos below to read their stories

Sunita Kaur

"There’s not many pictures of me with my family when we were little, this photograph brought back so many memories from that time. Life was difficult and my sweet gentle mother kept herself together and took care of us. Love the photograph that Faye and Mann Lin from Canvas Art restored for our family, it was restored so well and even managed to enlarge it. My mother was so excited that she immediately wanted to purchase it. It was really touching to see her super excited and truly shocked to see her photograph on the wall. I would like to thank Mann and Faye for this amazing opportunity. My mother’s reaction was priceless..."

lorum ipsum

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