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Merdeka Stadium

Merdeka Stadium

Canvas Art prepared this Mural for the 50th Anniversary of Merdeka and had the opportunity to approach PNB to consider the mural for the celebration. We were commissioned to produce the Mural in time for the Merdeka event on 31st August 2007 at the lobby of stadium. This is a historical mural to educate and inform the viewers of our struggle to independence, first time this was ever done.

The Mural stretches 200 feet if it was placed in a linear position and uses more than 200 restored images to create the design of the chronological order. We were given only four walls of the Stadium lobby to install our mural. It was completed on time for the 50th Independence Celebration.  
More than 50,000 people came to the stadium including all Ministers and Royalties. After the celebration it was decided that the Mural, should NOT to be removed and until today it has remained in the stadium lobby. An important and proud project for us, as it was our door to work on historical and educational projects.


CIMB Company Profile

One of the largest bank in Malaysia decided to install a Mural at their new building in Raja Laut road. The mural needs to tell the story of the bank from a historical and also corporate point of view. This is to become their corporate profile for all to see. Information of the bank had to be dug out with the help of the bank more senior members as well as their Corporate and Communication department. It was a very interesting exercise as we became more aware of the intricate growth and development of the bank.

When it was completed it was 60 feet long and stand proud at the main entrance of the new building lobby. All employees and client find the mural very enlightening. Employees have a sense of belonging and identity while the client now have a better knowledge of the bank history.

The Army Field

The Army Field

The Army Field Command Headquarters in Sungei Besi is involved with all land operation, planning, training and overall administration of the country army, and this also include the training for the international United Nation Peacekeeping missions. 


This Headquarters was established on May 1981 and have many stories to tell. Our task was to design a mural to give a true picture of the work of the soldiers who have undergone the training, duties and posting, especially overseas assignment over the period of 1981 till 2010. The mural paints a sense of total commitment and loyalty to the Chief of Army and the country.


It took us 3 months, with the help of their administrative officers. to complete the Mural of 50 feet. Our first Military project.

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