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“Giving New Life To Precious Photos” 

We believe that all photographs have stories to tell. Yet over time, discolouration, stains, & damages disable photographs their power to share stories. That’s where we’d love to help you.

To ensure photos continue to tell a story.

We’ve been in the service of restoring old photographs since May 2000 - digitising and reprinting them unto canvas that some of our clients consider to be important legacies. Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our services to tell stories through photos (digital or physical) - whether it be turning monochrome photos into colour or vice versa, turning a set of photos into a collage that tells a larger story within a frame and so much more. 

Along this journey, we’ve had companies of various sizes take attention to our work. We’ve had the pleasure of:

  • Creating historical murals (as long as 200ft)

  • Producing and organising pictorial exhibitions

  • Design & produce decorative prints for hotels and F&B outlets

  • Corporate portraits for men & women of importance

  • The curation and publication of pictorial coffee table books


(+60) 12-202 9116


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