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Everlasting Friedship

Everlasting Friendship

History retold and in continuum.


China and Malaysia share a history that spans a good 600 years. This coffee table book captures the past 37 years of bilateral relations, beginning with the retelling of the momentous visit by Malaysia’s 2nd Prime Minister’s visit to China in 1974.


The pictorial book chronicles the continued ties over the years, illustrating the recent visit of the current Malaysian Prime Minister to China, culminating in the follow-up visit by the Chinese President Hu Jintao to Malaysia in November 2009.

Tunku, Prince of Peace

Tunku, Prince of Peace

In remembrance of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj as the 'Father of Independence' and the 'Prince of Peace', this tributary volume combines a treasured collection of Tunku's photographs and his quotes, gleaned from the national archives and past copies of newspapers.


These photographs, some of them dating from the 1940s and extremely rare, were lovingly restored for clarity so that we may always remember the story of our nation's past.


Sultan Ibrahim of Johor -
Road to A Royal Coronation

This book Sultan Ibrahim of Johor - Road to A Royal Coronation chronicles the historical background of the Johor Royal Family and Sultan Ibrahim of Johor as an introduction leading to His Majesty's coronation on 23rd March 2015.

It is a beautiful 227 page lavishly illustrated book specially produced by Canvas Art to commemorate the royal coronation of Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, a very much loved and endeared ruler by his subjects. It is an enduring testament of the living tradition of the Johor Royal Family marking an important event in its history and recorded in detail in this book for posterity.

This book on the royal coronation is special as His Majesty was personally involved in preparing for the coronation. From deciding on the details of the itinerary to the menu. The book contains candid photographs of the royal family at Istana Serene in the early morning before the coronation showing the excitement and the anxiety as well as photographs after the coronation with His Majesty wearing the crown at the comfort of home with his family.

Many of the images leading to and after the coronation makes the book much more interesting. All these reflect on the humility of the royal family and their readiness to share them with His Majesty's subjects.

In the Foreword the Sultan stated that his coronation was one of the happiest moments of his life that he will cherish forever. So will the people of Johor remember and cherish their beloved Sultan for many years to come.

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